About Our Business

Attorney Mike Studebaker spent 7 years as a combat engineer on active duty
with the US Army.  He and his family were stationed in San Antonio, Texas; Fort
Carson Colorado; Korea; and Ft. Campbell Kentucky.

After Mike's active duty enlistment was finished he enrolled in law school in New
Hampshire.  While in law school he took a wide array of classes involving a
hands-on approach to legal representation.

After graduation, Mike went to work for Appalachian Research & Defense Fund
of Kentucky, Inc.--a legal service funded organization.  He represented many
indigent clients in civil matters.  He also worked for the Department of Public
Advocacy (public defender).

In 2004 Mike and his family moved to Utah to be closer to his family.  He opened
his own office and represents clients in a number of legal matters.  Mike's
mentality in cases is to be honest with his clients and work hard in relation to
their legal needs.

Mike is one of only a very limited number of attorneys in the country who have
argued before the US Supreme Court.  That was a very unique experience and
one of his career highlights.

Disclaimer:  Nothing in this website is intended to be legal advice, and no
attorney-client relationship can be established by viewing this website or by
sending us an e-mail.  Legal issues are highly factual in nature and advice given
must relate to the specific facts of a case.  Therefore, we recommend that you
seek an attorney qualified to render an opinion on your situation.